The Kickstarter is LIVE!

jetblue-insetThe Kickstarter campaign in now live.

With this book I?m sharing a piece of myself. These plane?lustrations are the equivalent of a visual diary spanning 20 years.

Placing them in the world for all to see is placing myself in a very vulnerable position. Few?people have ever seen all these sketches. Few know my sketchbooks even exist. And that is by design.?I draw on planes to pass the time. My self-diagnosed ADD is kept in check with my pencil in hand and a sketchbook in my lap. Perhaps a fellow passenger seated next to or behind me will realize what I am doing. The flight attendants are the ones who have more of an opportunity to see the illustration develop over time in the air. Once the flight is over, I?d give the illustration a name and move on. I unknowingly started a process, which allowed me to catalog my illustrations, and when it came time to put the book together they fell right into place.


I have kept these sketchbooks because the artist in me can?t get rid of anything. I have dozens of them in Rubbermaid bins that serve as a time capsule of my creativity.?The illustrations within these books show a progression of style, personal growth, and ability, and now I?ve gathered them into a complete anthology, detailing 20 years of plane illustrations drawing the perspective from where I sit.

This Kickstarter campaign I started today will give you the opportunity to see them?all of them. The good ones, the bad ones and even the unfinished. I?m humbly asking for your support in bringing this book to print. I?ve created many unique reward levels to provide options and incentives in exchange for your financial support.

make-a-wish-logo2If I reach my?stretch goal of $30,000 I will be able to print twice as many books. I have partnered with The Make-A-Wish foundation of Western New York, and will donate a portion of these additional book’s proceeds to fund their airfare costs. Which is Make-A-Wish’s biggest line item when granting wishes to children.?Consider donating your unused miles to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They never expire for the foundation, and they will be?used for a great cause.


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