Quotes from supporters of Draw The Plane

"This is something we should put our money into. I cannot?wait for this book to happen. I've?been following?Joseph Mayernik's posts of these sketches and all of them in a book is pure?gold!

-?Scott Fitzgerald

"Please support my friend in getting what looks to be an amazing book published. Buy one for you, a friend, perfect coffee table book, put one in your office and finally realtors - an awesome closing gift for your buyers coffee table from a local artist. Shop Local!"

- Nicole Noon

"My friend?Joseph Mayernik?is very talented and a genuinely nice guy. Some of you may?remember Joe from when he sang at my wedding ceremony 17?years ago.?Joe has a Kickstarter campaign for his art book, "Draw the Plane." Joe has also partnered with The?Make-A-Wish foundation of Western New York, and will donate a portion of his additional book's?proceeds to fund their airfare costs."

-?Brandon Orlowski

"I've known Joe for a long time. We used to draw cartoons together in class (and somehow get our school work done). This is an ambitious project for him, and I couldn't be happier or excited to see it come to fruition. Please have a look and contribute, if you wish. Every little bit helps!"

-?Charles Parzych III

"I have been lucky enough to have seen a few of these in?action and it's amazing to watch, let?alone see an entire collection of?Joseph Mayernik's?travels. Please support this unique and?wonderful display of talent and storytelling!"

-?T.C. Pellett

"Joe possesses a love of drawing his view from every flight he takes.?He's compiled 20 years of those drawings into a book and?needs a little help to get it off the?ground. Please consider helping out this incredibly unique idea."

- Dom Cecconi