What’s with the name?

Why is this book titled Draw The Plane?

drawtheplane-logo2The answer, while simple, took awhile to realize.  I have been drawing planes for the last 20 years, and while I enjoy the exercise I know that most people would consider this to be rather odd. Most people would say plane trips are for enjoying the window view, or watching a movie or reading a book.  Some individuals work diligently on spreadsheets with laptops open and some just want to sleep.

Me? I draw the plane.

When a family member or friend would tell me they are going on a flight I would ask them to draw the plane.  Almost in every case I got the same answers "Nope, I'll leave the drawing to you." "I want to watch a movie", "Nope, I'm reading".  No way, I need to work on my spreadsheets with my laptop open. "I don't draw, I just want to sleep."

But I ask them to draw the plane anyway.

And the book title was born... Draw The Plane.

I have always stated that if I ever did create a book that I would publish all the illustrations from the friends and family that decided to take me up on the offer to draw the plane.  Five people have sent me illustrations and I cannot be more proud.

adrienne-_plane-sketch dom-cecconi

To Julie, Liza, Daniel, Dom and Adrienne: Thank you for joining me on this journey and having a unique seat in the pages of the book. Your illustrations will be published in Draw The Plane.

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