The Printing of the Book

Why is my goal 26,000?

inside-spread_webIn order to ensure that I am able to design and print the book in the true spirit of the illustrations, I wanted to keep this book independent. Of course, that takes money. So I'm using Kickstarter as a way to pre-sell and fund Draw The Plane. Funds to produce the book will go directly to the reprographics, photographer, proofreader and printing company.

Hard cover books are expensive to print. The majority of the funds I'm raising are going to cover the costs to print the book at Cohber Press and at Riverside Bindery in Rochester, NY. I figured if I'm going to print a book housing over 200 of my illustrations spanning 20 years, I should do it right, and Cohber does a wonderful job. This will most likely be the only book I ever produce, and I want to make it special.

Here is my $26,000 funding goal cost breakdown.

Printing Cost: $20,420.00 (Assuming 250 books)
Photographer Fee: $2,000
Proofreader Fee: $680
Shipping: $1,700 (Assuming 250 books)
Kickstarter Fee: $1,300
Total Project Fee: $26,000


Two Important Points

  1. KICK STARTER IS ALL OR NOTHING. Even if i raise $25,500, I do not receive any pledges for the book. So it is important that I reach my goal
  2. If you make a pledge, you only get charged IF I MAKE THE GOAL. While each book is $75, there is no up front cost to you, so there is no reason to wait if you are thinking of pledging to the book!


Stretch Goal


If I'm fortunate to reach my stretch goal of $30,000, I will be able to print double the amount of books and a much lower overall cost per book. This will allow additional sales after the Kickstarter campaign is finished. I have partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Western New York and their Wishes in Flight® Program and intend to donate a portion of the future book's proceeds to help fund their airfare costs. which is Make-A-Wish Foundations biggest line item when granting wishes to children.


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